It all started with an Airplane Ticket

I was a new mom and I quit a job that I loved to be home with my daughter. She was 6 months old when I quit, and as much as I loved what I was doing, I was having the hardest time missing out on all of her firsts. It was the typical mom struggle of wanting to be home with my baby, but also needing to do something else. Suddenly, I felt lost. 

I started filling up my time with creative projects. I love holidays and any reason to celebrate. I started making all of my daughter's birthday invitations and party decorations. I came up with all of these ideas and (luckily) my husband was on board with helping me out. Then, I started doing it for my family and friends. I designed a logo for a charity and after I got so many compliments, I started to gain a little confidence. A few people asked me to design logos, business cards and t-shirts and that confidence grew. People kept suggesting that I start my own shop and turn my hobby into a business, but it was a little overwhelming making the first step.

I opened my shop in 2012. It all started with an Airplane Ticket Invitation. I drew a plane, made a boarding pass, and created a little envelope for it go in. I put it up for sale and within a couple of days, it sold! It kept on selling! I started getting custom requests and started creating more invitations and party supplies. I started building up my designs and I turned it into a real business. 

A lot has changed in the past six years. Now, I have two little girls and I am about to find myself at the next stage in this journey. My youngest, is starting Pre-school and even though I am super busy being a mom, I have more time on my hands than before. Big things are coming for Hank and Petunia and I am so excited!